A Good News from Kerala :-) :D

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A Good News from Kerala :-) :D Empty A Good News from Kerala :-) :D

Post by admin on Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:05 am

Hallo friends!

Here we have a good news.
I cite the e mail!

Hi, ******,
I put your idea for jeenanaadam when we met for the editorial board where our Bishop also was present, and got the sanction to go forward. So I entrusted Fr. Marian to inform you about it and to take the necessary steps to forward the files every week to you. But I was not sure whether he did it . So , I am writing this , and now we are trying to send the files of this week's Jeevanaadam to you. Fr. Marian is gone to madras...

I do appreciate your efforts to popularise the Jeevanaadam...

May God blees you always, see you,
Love, ****

And I got the pdf files last day, But i can share it them only after 2-3 days...

Hope you will love this service!

A BIG Thanks to Kerala!
Very Happy

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